General Surgery Consultants, P.A.

Dr. Thomas & Dr. Nguyen are board certified surgeons practicing general surgery, diagnostic endoscopy, and laparoscopic surgery in the Highland Lakes area for over twenty years. Patients are usually seen by appointment from referral by their primary care provider, but exceptions are made for obvious surgical problems. Clinics are provided in three different cities for your convenience.

Clinic Locations Include:

Llano - 102 E Young Street

Llano Scott & White Memorial Hospital - 200 W. Ollie Street

Marble Falls - 2503 Hwy 281 N. Street

Marble Falls Surgery Center - 204 Gateway North

Lampasas Clinic - 905 N. Key

Lampasas Rollins Brook Hospital - 608 N. Key

Phone: (325)247-3138     Fax: (325)247-2042    

102 E. Young Street   Llano, Texas 78643